Usop Wilcha Dalam Werewolf Dari Bangladesh (Poster + Synopsis)

Poster Usop Wilcha Dalam Werewolf Dari Bangladesh
Poster Usop Wilcha Dalam Werewolf Dari Bangladesh

Werewolf Dari Bangladesh Synopsis

It started 20 years ago, when a Bangladeshi named Mirdu was bitten by a werewolf and ended up turning into a werewolf himself. Not only that, Mirdu turned violent and began to attack the people in his village. The villager then burned down Mirdu's house and hunted him down. Before Mirdu's died, he managed to bite a pair of twins named Kumba and Kumbi, thus, spreading his werewolves' DNA to both of them. Presently in Malaysia, Usop Wilcha moves to a new place with his friend Wahab B and decides to start a business there. At the same time, Kumbi, who is already an adult arrives at Malaysia and plans to spread his werewolves' DNA in Malaysia so that he can eliminate all human species with the help of Jaynab Ramunggei, Usop's new neighbour. Pilun, another foreign worker who works with Usop knew about the situation and tries to inform Usop about it.

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