Adele’s album “21” Album Cover

The complete tracklist for the Adele’s 2nd album “21”, released on February 22, 2011 via XL, Columbia Records.

Complete track list:

1. "Rolling in the Deep"

2. "Rumour Has It"

3. "Turning Tables"

4. "Don't You Remember"

5. "Set Fire to the Rain"

Adele, 21, cd, audio, cover, box, art 6. "He Won't Go"

7. "Take It All"

8. "I'll Be Waiting"

9. "One and Only"

10. "Lovesong"

11. "Someone Like You"

iTunes bonus track:

12. "I Found a Boy (Bonus Track)"

Japan bonus tracks:

13. "Turning Tables (Live Acoustic)"

14. "Don't You Remember (Live Acoustic)"

15. "Someone Like You (Live Acoustic)"

iTunes Netherlands bonus track:

16. "Don't You Remember (Live From Largo)

Taiwan Exclusive Edition Bonus CD:

17. "Rolling in the Deep"

18. "If It Hadn't Been for Love"

HMV deluxe edition bonus tracks:

19. "If It Hadn't Been for Love (cover of song by The SteelDrivers)"

20. "Hiding My Heart (cover of song by Brandi Carlile)"

Target Deluxe Edition Bonus CD:

1. "Need You Now (cover of song by Lady Antebellum)"

2. "Someone Like You (Live Acoustic)"

3. "Turning Tables (Live Acoustic)"

4. "Don't You Remember (Live Acoustic)"

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