We are ready to challenge all eyes to prove the greatest excitement in the life of Thailand’s number one action choreographer ‚ Panna Rittikrai‛-one of the director of Ong Bak and Martial Arts Director, two decades of experience as stunt and a coach. The action scenes that the world is waiting for.

The birth of nine Tony Jaa’s junior-brand new action heroes who have been behind world-class action films- Fighting Club‛. Exciting new martial arts moves will be revealed for the first time. “So” is an Isan word, which means- “fight until death”.

When the best fighters get together, they find a party has turned into a cemetery overnight. The vengeance is raised over the limit. Death is nearby. Everybody has no choice but to “fight until death”. The thrilling, full-blown fight that the world has never seen before is about to start…

Fighting Club is a club of students who love martial arts. They compete for the chance to star in Hollywood films, and they are able the last one standing. Everybody gets together for the celebration party, but after the party is over, they discover that nothing is what it seems.

The party has become a trap. Their friends are kidnapped. They can feel danger everywhere. Mysterious killers aim for their lives. With their lives threatened, death is creeping up. There is no answer who is behind this and why they have become the target in this violent game. The only choice they have is to ‚“fight until death”.

親眼見證泰國第一武術指導, 年度影片“拳霸”的武術執導, 擁有長達二十年武術以及特技經驗,Panna Rittikrai的回歸之作!
一場場令人激動萬分的動作場面,繼Tony Jaa在武術片的成功之後,Panna將帶領這九名武打新星,帶來全新的武打動作,也將通過BANGKOK KNOCKOUT一一呈現眼前!

當最好的戰士們聚集在一起的時候, 復仇意念將會達到極限, 在沒有其他選擇之下,戰士們只能挺身而出戰鬥至死。死亡就這樣迫近了他們,一場驚險刺激的鬥爭也隨即展開…
Fighting Club 是一班武術愛好者的學校, 這次他們很幸運地獲得出演好萊塢影片的機會, 因此滿懷興奮地來到了慶祝派對。但是派對結束之後,他們發現了一個驚人的真相。
原來派對只是一個陷阱,他們的同伴竟然被人綁架了。這時危機無處不在,神秘殺手也正在迫近他們, 大家的生命都受到了威脅。死亡的腳步越來越近, 然而他們卻還不知道自己怎麼會成為這場遊戲的目標,現在他們唯一的選擇是戰鬥直到死亡為止!

Duratio: 100 minutes
Director: Panna Rittikrai Morakot Kaewthanee
Writer: Panna Rittikrai, Dujit Hongthong, Jonathon Simone
Cast: Kratae, Sorapong Chatree, Udomnark, Baifern, Luewisetpaiboon, Kazu Patrick Tang, and the ultimate fighters under the name “The Fighting Club”
Distributor: Hwa Yea Multimedia , MM2

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